WTF? We dropped in to Target this afternoon to get Adam some new long pants for winter and I ended up with a copy of Enchanted... I blame [ profile] last_chael and [ profile] chastangela. But I also got a copy of the so-awful-its-awesome National Treasure 2 so it's all good.

I also bought my wedding band. I dragged Adam to a jeweller to show him one I'd seen a while back and he thought it was nice also and we told the woman behind the counter we'd think about it. Then we went to Target, and there was a Prouds right next door so I ducked in to see what they had and yay. It was rather an impulse buy, but I think it's perfect. Now I have to wait a week while it's resized, and then another 2 months before I can wear it. But it's shiiiiiiny... on the other hand, I've managed to resist the temptation to wear my FUCKING AWESOME purple shoes for almost 6 months... I get to break them in soon though, yay! And I finally sent off the invite stuff to the graphic designer this afternoon, so fingers crossed that all gets underway soon.

So yes, home from Canberra... I had an excellent weekend with wonderful company. I also got a rather insane amount of sewing done, some of it was even mine. Helped Dee finish her Regency dress and made her a reticule and stays (and did her hair for the ball, yay), modded Adam's sailor jacket to match the artillery ones (added cuffs, changed the neckline, added a collar, shortened the hem) and made him a hat, and yesterday I made two regency washerwoman skirts (one for Dee, one for Gene) for next weekend. Fingers crossed my sailors pants still fit me and I'm pretty much sorted for Ironfest. Which is handy because I have far too much uni work to do between now and then :( Besides, I'm kind of all sewn out... although on the other hand I have a serious urge to make more stuff. Partly because of that 'satisfaction of a job well done' feeling after the weekend that I want to replicate, and partly because sewing it better than essays :p


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