Bunny photos from last week.

Camping photos, yaaay!

My fat lip.

Something I've been meaning to do for the last couple of years is learn to make my own bread and pasta. Well yesterday I happened to notice that my giant box of yeast is almost expired (I make my own pizza bases, but I haven't made pizza in ages as the local store is almost as good as mine and it means pizza is once again a Jess'-night-off food), and ages ago someone on my f-list linked me to Making Your Own Bread In 5 Minutes A Day so I decided to give it a go. It's damn tasty, a little chewier then I'd like for a white bread but then again is it my first go. I think my next batch will be fluffier, but on the other hand I'm thinking I might keep some of this one aside and use it as a sourdough starter for some serious nom. I'm also going to do some with olives in it and such because it's AWESOME.

I also got around to dying my wool today. It's seriously thick stuff so I sadly had to cut it in half to get it to fit in the dye bath. The first lot came out darker then the second which was expected, although I boiled the second batch for an extra 20 minutes in the hope that it wouldn't be as noticeable. Ahh well. I may eventually make myself a sailors coat out of it now that it's a proper colour, but right now it's to add a collar to Adam's jacket for Lithgow next fortnight as the cannoneers jackets they sent us fit me but are comically small for him. The first photo is a more accurate representation of the colours, the second is with the flash on so it's clearer.

Now my hands are purple.

Had a chiro appointment today, she's happy with my progress and I'm down to fortnightly visits, woot! I also went to Just Remnants and got free fabric, huzzah! I got a bunch of remnants (surprise!) ranging from 0.5-2m in some gorgeous satins and silk dupion, it came to $19.80 and I had a $20 voucher... also had a great conversation with the chick behind the counter about fabric and camping, we always have a long chat when I go in there although I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember me.

It's also pissed down rain all yesterday so the tents are no longer dry. Then they were getting close to the point where we could take them down again this afternoon when a massive thunderstorm hit. Although Jake didn't zip the door up when he put his up on Sunday and the inside filled with water *facepalm* Boys are useless Alec Baldwin!

Got my first mark of the year back- a Credit+ for the sound assignment. Fuck yeah! Apparently we were very close to a Distinction, but the sound quality let us down (static and volume changes etc), however since we were recording in a pub and also with a PA system they admit we did damn well and our mixing was great, our chosen topic was interesting and our narrative was very strong. Hip hip huzzah! Personally I think the 'static' she heard was to do with the fact that we had to compress to an mp3 and possibly to do with the speakers they used as it sounded way clearer on my computer than on the uni projecter. Ahh well.

Now I just need to get motivated to start my next 3 essays due in a fortnight *sigh*
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