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Had a chiro appointment today, she's happy with my progress and I'm down to fortnightly visits, woot! I also went to Just Remnants and got free fabric, huzzah! I got a bunch of remnants (surprise!) ranging from 0.5-2m in some gorgeous satins and silk dupion, it came to $19.80 and I had a $20 voucher... also had a great conversation with the chick behind the counter about fabric and camping, we always have a long chat when I go in there although I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember me.

It's also pissed down rain all yesterday so the tents are no longer dry. Then they were getting close to the point where we could take them down again this afternoon when a massive thunderstorm hit. Although Jake didn't zip the door up when he put his up on Sunday and the inside filled with water *facepalm* Boys are useless Alec Baldwin!

Got my first mark of the year back- a Credit+ for the sound assignment. Fuck yeah! Apparently we were very close to a Distinction, but the sound quality let us down (static and volume changes etc), however since we were recording in a pub and also with a PA system they admit we did damn well and our mixing was great, our chosen topic was interesting and our narrative was very strong. Hip hip huzzah! Personally I think the 'static' she heard was to do with the fact that we had to compress to an mp3 and possibly to do with the speakers they used as it sounded way clearer on my computer than on the uni projecter. Ahh well.

Now I just need to get motivated to start my next 3 essays due in a fortnight *sigh*
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( Apr. 8th, 2009 11:37 pm)
I'm fucking exhausted. I spent 4 hours today dancing in my own personal sauna. OK, so it was more like 3h as every 30-40 minutes I had to take a 10-15 minute break to take my bunny head off and drink a litre or two of water as those suits are freaking HOT. My brain was dribbling out my ears, I actually forgot my hat and my water bottle at the store after my shift was over. Ahh well, it was fun though, I got heaps of hugs and people taking photos with me, I made some small children cry and some stupid STUPID woman actually got me to hold her baby for a photo. Other then the fact that she gave her kid to some random person in a fursuit, I could not see a fucking thing so I had no idea if my hand was over its face or anything, and when I was trying to give it back I didn't know if it was safe to let go or if I was going to drop the baby because she didn't speak any bloody english. Ahh well, I did have fun though, despite having to change clothes afterwards because I was literally socked in sweat. Urk.

Then it was to the library for some assignment research, then the doctor for my second Gardasil jab (ow), then to the pub for trivia. I was there super-early so I decided that rather then sitting there on my own like a loser, I went and hung out at Tracy's place for a while (normally I'd just read in the pub, but it was over an hour to wait and the lighting was shit). We came second, woot!

Oh, and we also made an emergency dash to Kmart to buy Adam some lights for his bike as he had to ride home in the dark tonight. We went to Rebel sport first as they supposedly had front and back lights on special for $10ea, but they were sold out, so we found a set with a trip computer in Kmart for $50 which was more then I wanted to spend, but it was the only one they had and he needed them NOW. So we got the batteries and went to the register and bought it... somehow they scanned it at $6, so with batteries it was like $15!! Fuck yeah, finally some good news.
Bunny suit, as promised )

I had to go pick up the bunny suit from the costume shop rather then the office which meant I had to drive into the bloody city and try to find parking and the woman who served me was USELESS and claimed the order didn't exist and if I wanted to make a new booking and pay for it myself I was welcome to do so, although of course since it's Easter this weekend the only bunny suit they had left look liked it died 15 years ago from mixamytosis. Eeww.

I'm also sniffly again thanks nto the sudden temperature drop. Crap. I can NOT be sick this weekend damnit.

And in good news, a random Facebook status comment resulted in a girl I know from uni coming by today and giving me cashy monies for my saddle. I sold my horse 8 years ago and I have no intention of having another one for a very long time (as sad as that makes me, I miss riding so much), and I've been hauling that saddle around the country because I didn't really want to admit that I can no longer afford a pony. Ahh well, I know it's gone to a good home, I have a couple of hundred bucks in my pocket and a little more room in the laundry, and Emma got a good deal too. Hooray! Now to get around to photographing and posting the box of clothes and stuff I've been meaning to sell for the last 6+ months.


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