It's been getting steadily cooler the last few days which is nice. Put an extra blanket on the bed and am debating getting out the doona. Sadly this also means my hands and fingers are achey as fuck. You win some you lose some.

Thankfully my knees and ankles reserved most of their complaints for after I finished 40 minutes on the walker. Hopefully it will hurt less again tomorrow.

I have a shift on Wednesday, it's been almost 3 months since I last worked. I get to dress up in an Easter Bunny suit. Good thing I have no shame... I really hope it's not pink.

Last night I dreamt I shaved my hair to a 1-blade. And then went out drinking at a lesbian bar trying to pick up chicks with the line 'I think we have the same haircut...' Damn you subconscious, I'm trying so hard to be good... why must you tempt me so?

ETA: ShitfuckJesusChrist, 89 days until D Day the wedding, when the hell did that happen?? I finally have all the addresses so I can get formal invites off the ground... but holy shit, time is slipping away and NOTHING IS BEING DONE.


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