On Wednesday [livejournal.com profile] knightsmarshall was called to Sydney for an emergency meeting, so he crashed the night at our place and joined us at trivia where we tied first. Hooray!

Thursday morning I got another shift at work, this time sitting in the warehouse counting leaflets and posters and bundling them into job lots. Not especially exciting work, but it was easy and I had my mp3 player and good company. Plus for a good hour of it I got to stare at Daniel Craig as one lot of leaflets was promo material for his next movie. Mmmm...

Then home to pack a bag of clothes and a bigger bag of fabric and back onto the road down to Canberra. [livejournal.com profile] knightsmarshall and Dee are off to the Jane Austen Ball tonight and I offered to babysit, and Dee still hasn't finished her regency kit *facepalm* Yesterday I whipped her up a set of short stays just like mine (I even managed to handsew all 24 of the eyelets before the end of 'Pride and Prejudice') and made some covered buttons to close her dress. This morning it was more bloody eyelets as I made her a reticule for her wallet/ camera/ etc tonight. Right now we've resewn the sleeves on her dress (they got botched and removed multiple times over the course of the week before I arrived) and I've attached the buttons, now it just needs buttonholes and the bodice lining tacked down and we're finally done, phew! My fingers are blistered and filled with needle holes, and I haven't actually done any of MY kit yet for next weekend :p

I've also been trying to do some reading for uni, although there has been no actual essay progress as yet. Bad Jess.

There has been the tiniest bit of wedding progress though. Cake is now sorted, I have all the shit to send to the printers for the invites (although I haven't sent it yet as I still need to compile it into a useable format, but I have rung my aunt and uncle and apologised for the delay and confirmed that it's all still OK for them to do them for me), and the mother-in-law is trying to make us have a bagpiper, or possibly an entire bloody pipe band *sigh* Apparently the fact that Adam is wearing a kilt means that we're having an entirely scottish/ celtic wedding, which was not our intention at all. Adam just wants a kilt *L*
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