Fucking fucking fuck. My fall-front trousers don't fit. Well they do, but they're rather tight around the thighs which means 1) you can see my womanly figure and 2) if I have to do anything that involves sitting or squatting, I have a very good chance that I'll rip a seam by the end of the day. Some of the seams are already a little iffy as the linen I used had a fairly loose weave, which is one of the reasons I haven't worn them in well over a year. Anyway, this means I have 3 days to write 2 essays and make a new pair. I fucking HATED making the last ones, so bloody finicky and they took forever. Grrr. Although at least I know the waistline is high enough, I tried them on with my artillery jacket and it was fine. And I already have a 2.5m piece of white linen in my stash that should be enough, although really they should be made out of canvas or possibly wool. Fucking McFuck.

ETA: Well that ruined a perfectly good piece of linen, I accidentally cut the exact same fit as the current pair. Ahh well, it should be OK to piece a chemise from, but pieced trousers look weird. Old-cotton-sheet-pants it is *facepalm* I shouldn't sew when I'm angry. And yet I don't seem to fuck up much if I sew when drunk... I'd so much rather be that sort of pissed right now. Maybe I should just go to bed...

From: [identity profile] faerie-mistress.livejournal.com

Hehe well there is always that... of course, if I couldn't sew, I wouldn't get into a mess like this *L*

From: [identity profile] sewaddicted.livejournal.com

oh crap! At least you realised before you sewed them up. :hopes it played out that way:

From: [identity profile] faerie-mistress.livejournal.com

Not exactly, I sewed the main part of the trousers together and put them on which is how I know they're too tight :p Damnit. But yes, at least I didn't spend hours on them before finding that out.


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