Didn't get any writing done yesterday. First there was the sleeping, then the waiting around as Adam dithered about the house before I drove him to the bike shop to pick up the wheel he dropped off a few days ago (he cracked a spoke or two getting out of the way of a stupid bitch in an SUV last week... the shop called at 9 to say it was ready and we didn't leave until 11). Then on to Burwood so I could grocery shop while Adam finally went to the RTA to renew his license as it expired 2 months ago and obviously nagging has only just reached critical mass. Only for him to be told it involves faxing shit to Qld and back and it will take days to process. WTF? They did mine on the spot! It required a little dicking around, but they did it no worries. And why fax, why can't they fucking PHONE Qld Transport? Argh. So once again I'm doing all the driving this weekend (30km south to Cronulla and back, then 2-3h west up the mountain range to Lithgow). Not that I mind driving, it's just nice to have the option. Plus Adam is a terrible navigator :p

However I did manage to find a few fabulous journal articles yesterday, so that's something at least. I printed a bunch of the ones I haven't read yet and I'm taking them with me, along with my books and a copy of my essay plan and I'm hoping to do some work on that over the weekend. I also finished my pants last night while watching Castle which is HILARIOUS (Nathan Fillion as an arrogant, self-absorbed crime author FTW!!), then cooked dinner etc during the first two episodes of Merlin which was also pretty cool.

Anyhow... Jess is going to be here in about half an hour, she and Adam are going to ride their bikes to Cronulla for Anarchy, and Jake and I will drive and meet them and [livejournal.com profile] jb_rulztheworld there. Some BBQ, a beer or two, some good company, I take a bunch of photos of the ocean for my photo essay... then home to drop Adam's bike back and pick up all our stuff for Lithgow and off we go again. Jake is getting the train home with Jess.

And then Ironfest tonight/ tomorrow. Hang out with [livejournal.com profile] knightsmarshall and Dee AGAIN, meet Sandham's Battery, play with cannons, catch up with some folks then home again. Hooray!

Lest We Forget. Those who have fallen. Those who have lost. Those who made this country proud. You are remembered.
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