Ugh I'm awaaaaaaaake. I only went to bed at midnight :( Been trying to go back to sleep since about 4 but my brain just won't shut up! Plotting all the things I need to do this afternoon once I get home from uni (shop for food+booze+ice+dinner tonight, pack car, freeze meat, chop wood for kindling, sand and re-season my pots, Robbie is coming over for coffee because I haven't seen him for a whole YEAR because he's slack constantly busy...) I keep thinking of MORE things to pack for camping- I have no idea how I'm going to fit all this shit in as it is. And of course there's all the uni work I need to do over the next couple of weeks, and the sewing... bah.

I want to be asleep damnit. I want my sniffle to go away. And of course, we have to be up early tomorrow... but I think I'm awake for good so I may as well have a coffee.
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