Too early. Cooooooold. Do not want.

So once I had finished up my essay, turned off all the lights, locked the doors etc it was about 2am. Went to bed and was just getting comfy when I had an epiphany about my essay title and I couldn't find a pen so I had to get up to write it down. Snuggled back into my warm and cosy bed... only to be struck by an awesome plot bunny *whimpers* I haven't had a decent plot bunny, or any real sort of urge to write at all in AGES. And I almost got up and started writing, but I wanted as much of that 4h sleep as I could scrape together... waahhhh, woe is me. Figers crossed it's still hanging around and maybe I can get it down this afternoon.
Bunny suit, as promised )

I had to go pick up the bunny suit from the costume shop rather then the office which meant I had to drive into the bloody city and try to find parking and the woman who served me was USELESS and claimed the order didn't exist and if I wanted to make a new booking and pay for it myself I was welcome to do so, although of course since it's Easter this weekend the only bunny suit they had left look liked it died 15 years ago from mixamytosis. Eeww.

I'm also sniffly again thanks nto the sudden temperature drop. Crap. I can NOT be sick this weekend damnit.

And in good news, a random Facebook status comment resulted in a girl I know from uni coming by today and giving me cashy monies for my saddle. I sold my horse 8 years ago and I have no intention of having another one for a very long time (as sad as that makes me, I miss riding so much), and I've been hauling that saddle around the country because I didn't really want to admit that I can no longer afford a pony. Ahh well, I know it's gone to a good home, I have a couple of hundred bucks in my pocket and a little more room in the laundry, and Emma got a good deal too. Hooray! Now to get around to photographing and posting the box of clothes and stuff I've been meaning to sell for the last 6+ months.


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