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Had a chiro appointment today, she's happy with my progress and I'm down to fortnightly visits, woot! I also went to Just Remnants and got free fabric, huzzah! I got a bunch of remnants (surprise!) ranging from 0.5-2m in some gorgeous satins and silk dupion, it came to $19.80 and I had a $20 voucher... also had a great conversation with the chick behind the counter about fabric and camping, we always have a long chat when I go in there although I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember me.

It's also pissed down rain all yesterday so the tents are no longer dry. Then they were getting close to the point where we could take them down again this afternoon when a massive thunderstorm hit. Although Jake didn't zip the door up when he put his up on Sunday and the inside filled with water *facepalm* Boys are useless Alec Baldwin!

Got my first mark of the year back- a Credit+ for the sound assignment. Fuck yeah! Apparently we were very close to a Distinction, but the sound quality let us down (static and volume changes etc), however since we were recording in a pub and also with a PA system they admit we did damn well and our mixing was great, our chosen topic was interesting and our narrative was very strong. Hip hip huzzah! Personally I think the 'static' she heard was to do with the fact that we had to compress to an mp3 and possibly to do with the speakers they used as it sounded way clearer on my computer than on the uni projecter. Ahh well.

Now I just need to get motivated to start my next 3 essays due in a fortnight *sigh*
Camping was gooooooood. Although it turns out we seriuosly suck at convoying. Everyone met here at 7:30 Friday morning and within about 5 minutes we'd lost 2 of the 5 cars after we got split at a set of lights and the two front cars (Tracy and [livejournal.com profile] samuel_sock) pulled into a petrol station for ice and such and we were in the wrong lane (apparently Tracy had told Adam of this plan, but since I was the one driving...), then we lost [livejournal.com profile] knightsmarshall at the toll as he paid cash and both Jess and I have electronic ones, and at the time Adam and I were having a rather heated discussion so I didn't realise he wasn't behind us anymore until it was too late. Then we missed our exit because Adam was too busy looking at the sigh for Maccas instead of the map (stupid merging cars had come between us and Jess and Luc so I didn't see them on the turn off until we were past it, d'oh!) so suddenly we were on our own... almost missed the next exit too as Adam hadn't checked the map but this time I decided it was better to get off and get back on then have to turn around again and lo and behold, there's Sam and Tracy at the next set of lights! Apparently Sam was getting rather fucked off after a while that this dickhead in the silver Astra was following him *LOL*

Anyhow, we found the campsite well-enough (I left Adam on the side of the road to flag down Luc and Jess, and [livejournal.com profile] knightsmarshall as he was camping elsewhere further up the road, but he had kindly giving Jake a lift for us as we could not fit 3 people and all our stuff in my tiny car :( We could have juuust managed it on the way home after all the firewood was burnt, the food eaten and the beer drunk but instead he rode home with Luc and Jess and I got to see out of the rear window this time! Woot). Dumped all the shit out of my car and went to fetch the boys from the roadside. We got there early enough to score a pretty nice spot with bush on one side for privacy and a small sheltered picnic table.

We did some fishing (Tracy landed a small bream which we ate that night, and we went back after dark and Jake almost landed a big carp but it was too heavy for the line and it broke free just before we could grab it by hand), however there were a lot of boats and waterskiiers during the day which wasn't so fun, and some drunken bogan dickheads at night who were equal amounts of entertaining and annoying. Drank some beer, played some cards, sat around the fire and talked shit and generally had a great time. Jess, Jake and I had all taken uni work to do (and I also had some sewing) but we had too much fun and never got around to it.

We also managed to get away for the entire weekend with only two injuries, both of them mine (although Sam did come close to nadding himself with a fish hook). I was woken rather unplesantly yesterday morning by a fucking huge jumping ant (?? well it was a inch long and a shiny blue-black colour and it jumped) attached to my lip. I managed to pull it off and squish it but it stung like a bitch for an hour and my lip swelled up like a scary pink balloon and there were many Elephant Man jokes made. Thankfully Sam had some antihistimines which put it back down into a mere fat lip. I walked into a door kids. It's still swollen, I'm hoping it won't get any bigger when the drugs wear off tonight again. I also have a big bruise on the side of my head where Jake cracked me with a sledgehammer handle which I was teaching him sword drill yesterday. Owwies, but no blood. I haven't fought in probably close to a year, my technique is a little sloppy but not as bad as I feared although my right wrist/ forearm is achey as fuck today because it's not used to the motion. My shoulders are surprisingly good though, even after that and splitting 100kg of firewood and all the carrying and packing. Maybe I am actually getting fitter after all.

Anyway, the tents are now up in the yard to dry as it rained overnight, the car is mostly empty and I'm slowly washing the mud and woodsmoke out of the clothes and bedding. Can't wait to do it again...
Ugh I'm awaaaaaaaake. I only went to bed at midnight :( Been trying to go back to sleep since about 4 but my brain just won't shut up! Plotting all the things I need to do this afternoon once I get home from uni (shop for food+booze+ice+dinner tonight, pack car, freeze meat, chop wood for kindling, sand and re-season my pots, Robbie is coming over for coffee because I haven't seen him for a whole YEAR because he's slack constantly busy...) I keep thinking of MORE things to pack for camping- I have no idea how I'm going to fit all this shit in as it is. And of course there's all the uni work I need to do over the next couple of weeks, and the sewing... bah.

I want to be asleep damnit. I want my sniffle to go away. And of course, we have to be up early tomorrow... but I think I'm awake for good so I may as well have a coffee.


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