Came third at trivia tonight, won a bottle of wine. We ended up with a team of 9 which is pretty impressive, we normally only have 5 or 6.

It's rained every day for the last week and a bit. The tents are still up in the yard and soaked through. There will be large dead patches of lawn shortly :(

Still working on this fucking report. I'm about halway through which is something at least, but after 2 days I was hoping to be done and on to the next essay by now. Humph. If I'm not finished by tomorrow afternoon I'm going to move on and hope inspiration strikes once I'm thinking about something else.

Trivia also means no no progress on the trousers thus far. I'm not going to do pockets this time so that should cut some of the finicky out, fingers crossed I'll knock a decent amount over after dinner tomorrow.

Bed time. Brain is broke.

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Mmmm, winning a bottle of wine = awesome. Stay strong, fellow person mired in coursework.

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I wonder if said wine would lubricate my essay-writing...

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Hey you guys need to come visit (when we have a house in about a months time) for one of the festivals here (they actually do more that civil war I was suprised! Not sure on the authenticity though I've only seen pics) I was nerding it up in Barnes and Noble today and they have heaps of books you guys would probably love.

Oh meant to comment on the last post (recutting the same size as the illfitting one) - I had to laugh cause I've done that myself...cept twice ;( Fail.

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Sounds pretty awesome. My dad's had a fair few business trips to Texas and he said it was pretty nice (well, most of the time anyway).

I've done it before too with tunics and stuff, there at least I can add a gusset or an extra panel and it looks like I did it on purpose... on pants it just screams 'LOOK AT MY FAT ARSE' *L*


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