As much as I would have enjoyed a sleep-in this morning after such a big week, instead I hauled myself out of bed early to hit a charity fair with [ profile] sewaddicted. But it was worth it because there was fabriiiiiic.

L-R is 2m black pinstripe poly, 2.5m black x red cotton flannelette (I see new winter PJs in my future), 1.5m wool Royal Stewart tartan, and 6.5m of cotton organza underneath there.

Also picked up some super-cheap notions, including fur hooks, skirt/ trouser hook&bars and a huge bag of snaps for $5.

Then, since we were out, we also went to Spotlight where I found way too many shiny things.

L-R 3m of red with black spot printed satin I have been eyeing for ages as it's useless but AWESOME and it finally hit the sale table. 1m purple striped drill for a corset, 2m stripey rainbow cotton that I picked up to make gay pride/ spirit of supanova jokes and instead gave myself sewing ideas, and at the front 1.5m each of pirate print cottons. I like the blue best but that was all they had on the roll :( It's going to make an EPIC Talk Like A Pirate Day outfit, elthough I doubt I'll be able to restrain myself from wearing it before then.

I've also managed to do some sewing last night/ this afternoon. I have more assignments to do but I thought I deserved a little break, and I've had so many sewing ideas floating around when I haven't been able to act on them.

First of all, a PURPLE TUTU. Because I can. We have tickets to see The Grates again on Friday and I'll probably wear it then. And because it's hugely foofy, no doubt I will annoy a great many people and Adam can defend my honour.

I also finally modded my 'Got Empire?' shirt. I hate white (it doesn't suit me and it's so impractical), but I couldn't pass it up... so I channeled a whole lot of Sex Pistols and punk into is and now I'm actually likely to wear it. It still feels unfinished, but I'm happy.

Now to go play with some of my new fabric. Hooray! Assignments can wait until tomorrow.

ETA: I can has Dreamwidth thanks to [ profile] maggiebloome. My username over there is lemon_curry so please add me (that's also my FB account if anyone wants to find me there too). Still have no idea how to use DW, and I probably won't be posting there much as yet as LJ is still my home, but it's nice to have a back-up plan.

From: [identity profile]

Great post. I like your world.. you make ME excited about the fabrics!

I really like the polkadot satin and the cute pirates. Do you know what you are going to use them for?

From: [identity profile]

Hooray! I'm glad to share the love... although be careful, it turns out fabric is fricking addictive.

The satin I'm not sure. It would make an awesome dress, but I don't think it's heavy enough on its own (not for someone of my size anyway). For the moment I'll just have to think on it, at the very least I'll use it to line my next jaket/ coat. I love funky linings, it's such a fun little secret.

As for the pirates, the blue was going to be a skirt and the red a vest/ waistcoat, however there was only 1.5m of the blue left and I wanted 2.5- 3m, so I'll have to see if I can squeeze a short skirt out of what I've got, otherwise I might make something panelled. If I want to be completely outrageous I could make a tiered skirt alternating the blue and the red...

From: [identity profile]

Punk isn't dead, but Avril Lavigne sure had a crack at trying to murder it.

Anywho, yay stuff!
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From: [personal profile] xdawnfirex

You can set your DW to crosspost automatically to up to 3 other journaling sites, including LJ. Mine is going to LJ, IJ and Journalfen.

I will friend you over there momentarily and if you'd like help setting it up, I can help you with that. ^_^

From: [identity profile]

Hehe I was about to do a 'So what are people using for crossposting/ backing up archives?' post, so you may have saved me from that. Do I have to get a client, or is it a feature hidden in the DW FAQ somewhere?
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From: [personal profile] xdawnfirex


Organize > Import content. Will back up all your entries, comments, icons, everything.


Manage account > Other sites tab > input your LJ information > check Crosspost by default


From: [identity profile]

Awesome, thank you!

Now to figure out if I can afford a seed account when they go back on sale on Thursday...


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